What do space flight, UN development goals, and eye charts have in common?

Artist conception of astronaut exploring Mars

Our new blog post at the Translational Research Institute for Space Health website explores the relationship between engineering for human exploration of space and health technology innovation on terra firma…our collaboration in space flight health research is already influencing our technology development strategy for the potential benefit of billions of us here. Read the story […]

QuickSee evaluated in TVST article

Person in India being measured with QuickSee

thinking design, creative solutions INDEPENDENT RESEARCHQuickSee technology found to be reliable compared to retinoscopy in TVST study Research conducted at the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Bhubaneswar, India was published in Translational Vision Science and Technology in the article Does the Accuracy and Repeatability of Refractive Error Estimates Depend on the Measurement Principle of Autorefractors?  The study […]

Dr Charles Schlievert discusses using QuickSee in nursing homes

Screenshot of Dr Schlievert interview video

thinking design, creative solutions https://youtu.be/oqW4PR5c4Eo INTERVIEWDr. Charles Schlievert, ODDr. Charles Optical in Atlanta, Georgia and optometrist in the Geriatric Eye Group which provides inpatient care for residents in skilled nursing and assisted living homes, memory care centers, and correctional facilities.  In this short interview, Dr Schlievert discusses how he uses the QuickSee handheld autorefractor to […]

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