The QuickSee Free refraction ecosystem

The QuickSee Free Companion App and latest version of the QuickSee Free firmware unlock new potential for your measurement experience and data management. Free software upgrades provide new functionality. 

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Companion App displayed on an Android tablet computer

Companion App

Advanced refraction and patient data at your fingertips

Available for Android OS mobile devices and Windows PCs

Previews of the Companion App software on a mobile phone, tablet, and laptop computer

The QuickSee Free Companion app enhances and expands your control of your device and measurement data. With the Companion App on your Android or Windows device, you can: 

  • Download firmware upgrades for your QuickSee Free medical devices
  • Customize the device settings through a user-friendly interface
  • Check results and add additional patient information along with clinical data
  • Access and download clinical data stored in the device
  • Get contact information for PlenOptika, Inc. and download user manuals
  • Add new functionalities to the device

The current Companion App version is 1.0.3. This version is recommended for all QuickSee Free / Free Pro users, and must be installed to get the latest firmware update. 

QuickSee Free results screen

2. Device firmware

The QuickSee Free / Free Pro device firmware is installed on the device and controls its function. By keeping the firmware up to date, you benefit from our latest performance and interface improvements and new features.

To update your firmware, use the QuickSee Free Companion App.

The current Companion App version is 4.2.0. This version is recommended for all QuickSee Free / Free Pro users, but must be installed with the latest version of the Companion App, version 4.2.0. If your Companion App is older than this, please update it first, then update your firmware in the App.  

To get the most from your QuickSee Free / Free Pro: 

  1. Install the Companion App on your Android or Windows device
  2. Update your device’s firmware to make sure you have the latest features and improvements
  3. Register your device to activate your warranty and get notified about software updates

3. Register your QuickSee Free

By registering your QuickSee, you activate your warranty, and help us notify you about updates that improve the performance and capabilities of your QuickSee Free / Free Pro.