New research demonstrates QuickSee Free accuracy
QuickSee Free handheld autorefractor

Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 23, 2023 – New research published in Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics shows measurements from the new handheld wavefront autorefractor QuickSee Free produce a smaller difference between the device and subjective refractions than the difference between the two subjective refraction measurements in terms of mean bias error. 

Existing studies typically assess autorefractor accuracy by juxtaposing its measurements against subjective refraction outcomes conducted by experienced optometrists. However, this approach overlooks inter-observer variability inherent in subjective refraction.

The paper, “Ametropia detection using a novel, compact wavefront autorefractor,” advocates for an alternative evaluation methodology, suggesting a comparison between autorefractor measurements and two separate sets of subjective refraction results, rather than solely relying on a single optometrist’s findings.

“The average difference for M between the [QuickSee Free] and each of the two subjective refractions was found to be smaller than that between the two subjective refractions, while the astigmatic components were comparable,” the authors report. “These results indicate that the device can be a valuable instrument for both standard clinical examinations, as well as screening initiatives by serving as a reliable starting point for subjective refraction.”

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