QuickSee evaluated in TVST article
Person in India being measured with QuickSee

QuickSee technology found to be reliable compared to retinoscopy in TVST study

Research conducted at the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Bhubaneswar, India was published in Translational Vision Science and Technology in the article Does the Accuracy and Repeatability of Refractive Error Estimates Depend on the Measurement Principle of Autorefractors? 

The study was designed to “determine the accuracy and repeatability of refractive errors obtained using three autorefractors based on different measurement principles, vis-à-vis, gold-standard retinoscopy.”

Study authors found tested autorefractors provided acceptable repeatability but widely varying agreement with retinoscopy. They noted, however, the e-see, a version of QuickSee marketed by Aurolab in the SAARC region “performs relatively better in all measurement parameters” evaluated in the study. 

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