PlenOptika CEO Shivang Dave gives TEDx Talk on innovation strategy
Shivang Dave speaking at TEDx Berkshires

Check out Shivang Dave‘s TEDx Berkshires talk, “Innovating to Scale Vision Care: Move Thoughtfully and Make Things”

In healthcare innovation, the popular tech industry bias to move fast and break things often falls short of meaningful impact and can even do more harm than good. In this TEDx talk, our CEO shares PlenOptika’s insights and practices for technology design and innovation that balances competing pressures to achieve economic and mission success.

About PlenOptika

PlenOptika designs and produces tools to help vision professionals transform lives with clear vision, for anyone anywhere. PlenOptika technologies enable new care modes that overcome the limitations of legacy care delivery models and equipment to help overcome the global burden of poor vision. With our flagship device QuickSee Free, vision professionals, NGOs, and governments experience new levels of flexibility and impact from the exam room to the showroom and beyond.