Dr Bruce Moore brings QuickSee Free to major outreach initiative in Mongolia
Two young Mongolian girls outdoors and smiling

Last month, Dr Bruce Moore, Professor at New England College of Optometry, and a team of colleagues and volunteers took QuickSee Free on their mission to screen children in Mongolia, sponsored by Orbis International. The success of the initiative attracted the interest of the Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia Enkh-Amgalan Luvsantseren, who wanted to learn more about the initiative’s impact and how it could be scaled to reach all of Mongolia’s children.

Dr Moore, who has spent decades developing protocols for pediatric examination and promoting children’s eye health, found QuickSee Free to be a valuable tool for serving the children. Many children showed large angle strabismus, nystagmus, high hyperopia astigmatism, high hyperopia and astigmatism without nystagmus but with accommodative esotropia. They even were able to easily measure children with autism. 

Read more about the team’s meeting with Minister Enkh-Amgalan Luvsantseren at the Mongolian National News Agency. 

Research from Ohio State University shows QuickSee effective for children ages 4-12

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