PlenOptika recognized in Essilor See Change 2019 Report
Essilor See Change 2019 Report Cover

In its 2019 report, Eliminating Poor Vision in a Generation, Essilor See Change identified PlenOptika as a leading technology developer helping to meet the global challenge of poor vision.

Among many other details of the challenge, the report cited the relative inaccessibility of tools to diagnose refractive errors for billions of people.

“Autorefractors are costly and require electricity to run, and retinoscopes, although relatively inexpensive, are difficult to use,” the report notes. “Unless we can resolve this bottleneck for vision care organizations and entrepreneurs, we will never realize the scale of access needed to serve everyone, everywhere.”

The report notes e-see, a low cost version of QuickSee manufactured by Aurolab in India, is one of a few new technologies designed to make autorefraction more accessible.

“Correcting refractive error is one of the most cost-effective ways individuals with poor vision can realize their potential,” says Dr. Andrew Bastawrous, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Peek Vision, in the report. “Appropriate technology to identify those in need and ensure they get affordable treatment in a timely manner will radically increase access to good vision and all the benefits it brings.”

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