Help your patients with schoolchildren start the academic year with clear vision
Middle school student with eyeglasses giving thumbs-up sign

Hey ODs and Ophthalmologists! School season is back already, and some of the kids out there need vision care to help them excel in class and have fun outside it. Here are some social media posts you can share in your networks to remind parents of the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams. Got other suggestions? Be sure to copy us @plentoptika on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Social media posts

Middle school student with eyeglasses giving thumbs-up sign Struggling readers could have vision problems. Help your young students stay on track with regular eye exams! #clearlyready #eyehealth #BacktoSchool2021

Young boy performing skateboard trickChildren with undiagnosed vision problems tend to avoid activities that require seeing at a distance and contribute to poor hand-eye coordination. Help them get the most of out of sports—and recess!— with regular eye exams! #clearlyready #eyehealth #BacktoSchool2021

Student raising hand in classChildren with vision problems can feel inferior to peers when they can’t keep up with the class. Help them feel smart and capable with regular eye exams! #clearlyready #eyehealth #BacktoSchool2021

Young confident girl with eyeglasses

Children with vision problems can fall behind in learning goals fast and lose valuable time building foundational skills. Help them succeed in school with a comprehensive eye exam! #clearlyready #eyehealth #BacktoSchool2021