PlenOptika CEO Dr Shivang Dave keynotes New England College of Optometry 2018 Visionaries Event
Shivang Dave speaking at New England College of Optometry (NECO)

Second year students at the New England College of Optometry were invited to attend a keynote lecture by Dr. Shivang R. Dave, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of PlenOptika. Dr. Dave is a passionate speaker about global health and entrepreneurship. He has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience working to innovate, translate, and commercialize three separate biomedical technologies. He has been instrumental in securing grant funding, establishing business partnerships, filing patents, organizing pilot test and running clinical evaluations of the QuickSee platform in the US and in India. The QuickSee autorefractor helps build capacity and scale impact by providing quick, easy, and affordable access to eye care in India. PlenOptika explains that the technology utilizes “wavefront aberrometry to precisely determine low-order refractive errors, enabling highly accurate, objective measurements anywhere.” His company is currently offering a base model and one with features to the market with the goal of reaching kids in India who need eye care the most.

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