Easier alignment, faster exams, enhanced flexibility

The new QuickSee UI

The redesigned interface makes alignment easier to achieve, further accelerating your measurements.

Key features

QuickSee home screen

Simplified home screen and menu displays

The simple, clean new design shows only the information you need and organizes functions into intuitive menus.

Alignment screen

All new alignment and measurement screen

The reimagined alignment and measurement screens streamline the exam process.

Menu screen

New convenience and usability features

A near-vision acuity chart, multiposition modes, and other new features enhance QuickSee’s routine use in challenging conditions.

Get the new UI

1. Get the Companion App for Android OS or Windows

The new UI is available as a firmware update in the QuickSee Companion App for Android OS and Windows: 

Google Play Store
Windows installer

2. Install the firmware update through the Companion App

Once your Companion App is installed on your Android device or Windows PC: 

1. Pair your QuickSee with your mobile device or PC through its Bluetooth connection. 

2. Choose “Update Firmware”

3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is confirmed, QuickSee will restart with the new UI.

3. Learn the new features

Get the updated reference documentation to learn how the new UI works: 

QuickStart guide:
QuickSee Flip

User manual: Available for download directly from the QuickSee UI

What’s New in the UI deck

Get support

Join a training session

We’re holding four online training sessions (about 15 minutes long) for QuickSee users. Register for a short demo:

Wednesday, October 13, 9AM UTC-5 Wednesday, October 13, 3PM UTC-5 Wednesday, October 20, 9AM UTC-5 Wednesday, October 20, 3PM UTC-5

Get reference materials

You can get updated reference materials on the PlenOptika Support page and the updated user manual is available through the QuickSee software. 

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