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QuickSee Free / Free Pro

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Registration activates your warranty and helps PlenOptika notify you of product updates. 

How to use QuickSee Free / Free Pro

This short video demonstrates the basics of getting a fast, accurate autorefraction and keratomery measurement. Keratometry on QuickSee Free Pro only


This two-page PDF gives you an overview of QuickSee operation, to have you taking measurements in just a few minutes. Make sure QuickSee is charged before starting!

These short videos give you an overview of preparing QuickSee and a patient for an autorefraction measurement, and performing the measurement.


Alignment tips

Monocular measurements

Measuring children

COVID-19 and QuickSee: Best practices

Safety recommendations

Clean QuickSee thoroughly between uses.

Make sure operator and patient are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); breath masks are compatible with QuickSee.

Wash hands thoroughly before and after testing.

Cleaning QuickSee

Alcohol solutions (70% ethanol, isopropanol) and microfiber cloths recommended; consult the FDA’s List N for other disinfectants effective against SARS-CoV-2.

Remove the eyecup to thoroughly clean it and the viewports.

Do not submerge QuickSee in liquid.

See the BASIC CARE section of the QuickSee User Manual for more information.

Pre-align the optical channels to the patient’s pupils

Pre-align the PD while standing at a safe distance to the patient. You will likely underestimate PD, so if alignment is not immediately correct once you put QuickSee to the patient’s face, first try widening the PD.

Stand at the patient’s right side during measurement

Use QuickSee while standing at the patient’s right shoulder, instead of directly in front of them, thereby reducing direct exposure to one another’s breath. 

Use QuickSee anywhere it’s convenient

QuickSee is not sensitive to ambient light, so it works indoors and outdoors. Use QuickSee while the patient is in their car or waiting outside the examination room.

Use our Do It Yourself Phoropter Shield

QuickSee Software Update

This update to the QuickSee software introduces the redesigned user interface (UI) to make alignment easier, and other new usability and convenience features. You can use the QuickSee Companion App on a smartphone or Windows PC to update the firmware. Learn more about key features of the new UI

Pairing your QuickSee with the QuickSee Companion App for the first time:

Step 1
Download the free “QuickSee Companion App” from the Google Play store or the free installer for Microsoft Windows.

Step 2
You will be prompted to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and on your QuickSee.

Step 3
The QuickSee Companion App will scan for available Bluetooth devices. Once you see your QuickSee device, select it from the list. 

Step 4
Enter your QuickSee’s serial number. You may also use your camera to scan the QR code found behind the magnetic eye-cap.

Step 5
Once your phone and QuickSee are paired, continue to “Update your QuickSee Firmware,” below.

Update your QuickSee Firmware

Before you start:

We recommend you connect QuickSee to power during the update procedure.

QuickSee is updated with the QuickSee Companion App for smartphones. If you have not already paired your QuickSee with a Companion App, see “Pairing your QuickSee with the QuickSee Companion App for the first time,” above.

QuickSee App on Samsung
On the main screen, tap the Update Firmware tab on the top of the screen (Figure 1).

Tap the Check for new firmware icon (?) to check if there is a later available version for the device (Figure 2). Note: The Companion App must be connected to the Internet to check for new firmware

If there is no new version of the firmware, you will see your installed version and a check mark (Figure 3). You’re all set!

If there is a new version available, you will be asked if you want to install the update (Figure 4). Tap the Check for new firmware button to proceed with the update.

When you tap the Check for new firmware button, the new QuickSee firmware is downloaded to the Companion App, transferred to the QuickSee, and installed, in that order (Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure 7, Figure 8).

QuickSee will inform you that it must reboot to complete the installation. Tap the button to confirm the reboot (Figure 9 and Figure 10).

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