Accurate prescriptions anywhere

Are you ready to break the prescription bottleneck and radically expand access to vision correction? QuickSee helps you perform clinical quality autorefraction anywhere, for almost any patient.

How handheld autorefraction will transform global vision care

Eyeglass prescriptions are key to lifting the global burden of poor vision, but access to prescriptions is a major bottleneck. Clinical-quality mobile autorefraction can break this bottleneck by making fast, accurate measurements possible anywhere, for almost any patient. With QuickSee, eyecare professionals and even trained technicians can get accurate measurements to achieve correct prescriptions less than a minute. 

Free white paper: Achieving accurate autorefraction with a handheld wavefront autorefractor

Complete the contact form here for a white paper that explains how QuickSee achieves clinical-quality autorefraction results even in challenging conditions. The white paper also includes a survey of peer-reviewed research and case studies of QuickSee in use in mobile care missions. 

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Why QuickSee


QuickSee autorefraction measurements agree strongly with subjective refraction, saving valuable exam time and helping to produce correct prescriptions the first time. See the research


QuickSee’s handheld format performs clinical-quality autorefraction anywhere, enabling you to evolve your clinical operations and even take your practice into the community.

Ease of use

Easy to learn, easy to operate, busy optometrists and vision care technicians can use QuickSee to accelerate their workflow.


ADA compliant, QuickSee is compatible with patients with mobility challenges, and suitable for children and seniors alike, even those bedbound.

Optometrist carrying QuickSee past a desktop autorefractor

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