QuickSee on glass counter in optical shop

QuickSee upgrade program

We’re excited to offer QuickSee owners a suite of updates and upgrades to enhance your device’s performance.

What’s included

New magnetic charging port

The new charging port and cable replaces the USB charging port, for improved easy of use and durability.

New PD labels for faster alignment

Labels on the eyecup and above the PD wheel will help you achieve accurate alignment more quickly. 


Firmware update

While your QuickSee is with us, we will update the firmware, improving its the measurement algorithms. In addition, we’ll notify you when our new UX design is released, making QuickSee easier and faster to use. 

Inspection and hardware upgrade

We’ll inspect your QuickSee’s components, and if your device is eligible we will install an upgraded printed circuit board for improved battery life.

How it works

We will arrange to ship your QuickSee back to PlenOptika for the upgrades and updates, and we will return it to you in about a week. Contact us with the form here to start the process.

Extend your warranty, get upgraded for free

Extend your warranty and the upgrade program is included for no additional cost. Extend your warranty for one year for $850, or for two years for $1250.

Get started

To get your upgrade started, please contact us through this form.