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In the meantime, we offer you this publication from BMJ Open Ophthalmology, Quality of eyeglass prescriptions from a low-cost wavefront autorefractor evaluated in rural India: results of a 708-participant field study

  • Eyeglass prescriptions can be accurately measured by a minimally trained technician using a low-cost wavefront autorefractor in rural India.
  • Data from 708 participants indicate a marginal difference in both prescription preference and resulting visual acuity between eyeglasses derived from subjective refraction versus QuickSee autorefraction (VA from QuickSee was on average only one eye chart letter worse).
  • Among the 438 participants 40 years old and younger, there was no statistically significant difference in the preferences for eyeglasses derived from subjective refraction versus QuickSee autorefraction.
Download the Paper (PDF)
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