Expediting refraction with a new AR/SR device

PlenOptika is developing a new FDA-registered product that will expedite refraction and enable convenient, low-cost eyeglass prescriptions.

Refraction for prescription in less than 10 minutes, anywhere, for anyone

This easy-to-use device will enable eye care professionals and their technicians at optical stores to perform fast, combined objective / subjective refraction exams. Supporting an on-site optometrist or an optometrist connected via a telemedicine platform, the device gathers prescription-ready measurement data in less than five minutes and virtually no physical footprint. It will be usable in retail environments, pre-test areas, clinical exam lanes, and mobile / on site settings. 

In optical retail locations with ODs: 

  • Expedite the refraction part of the exam with a device that combines objective and subjective refraction, operable by a technician.
  • Capture new customers and confirm prescription needs to decrease walkout rates and remakes. 
  • Maintain prescription continuity when your ODs are on holiday or sick leave, using your ODs from other sites or PlenOptika teleoptometrists. 

In optical retail locations without ODs: 

  • Sell more eyeglasses by providing vision exams with remote ODs in other locations, or with licensed ODs through the PlenOptika teleoptometry service.
  • Capture new customers and confirm prescription needs to decrease walkout rates and remakes. 

We need your help to understand exactly how our solution would fit in an environment like yours,  so we invite you to take this 10 minute survey. 

How the telemedicine optometry service would work

1. Triage: About 3 minutes

In a checkup appointment or for walk-in customers, a technician will use a handheld autorefractor to make a baseline visual acuity measurement. If the patient has eyeglasses, the technician will measure their eyeglass strength. Software will compare the results of the autorefraction exam and the patient’s eyeglasses to determine whether the patient needs an updated eyeglass prescription.

2. Vision exam and prescription: About 7 minutes

The patient is guided to a pretest area or an exam lane, as available. After capturing relevant history, the patient is asked to wear a goggles-like headset, and the eye care professional will conduct the combined objective / subjective refraction (or, a technician will connect via the telehealth software with a state licensed OD for the subjective examination).  The patient will experience an instant, real-world change in their vision. The remote OD will then issue the prescription. The patient examination data and prescription information will be saved to the clinic’s EHR.