PlenOptika Mission

ABOUT PlenOptika

Dedicated to better eye care for everyone

PlenOptika brings cutting-edge optical technology to eye care professionals and healthcare providers worldwide. Our flagship product, QuickSee™, is the world’s most accurate handheld autorefractor. Combining an open and binocular view, wavefront aberrometry, and continuous measurements in a field-durable hand-held format, QuickSee enables clinically accurate autorefraction anywhere.

PlenOptika technology combines excellent engineering, creative innovation, and a steadfast focus on human-centered design to meet the global challenge of low vision. Our core platform technology, the patented PlenOptika Wavefront Refraction Engine, offers eye care professionals and healthcare providers an unprecedented combination of clinical power and usability suited equally for the modern clinic, optical retail store, home visit, and global health mission. QuickSee has measured more than 2 million eyes to date in over 15 countries.

QuickSee was used to measure students’ vision in hurricane-damaged Anguilla
"If all my instruments were like QuickSee it would be a great world... With QuickSee, once I align it, I press the button and it takes 10 seconds to measure."
Dr. Todd Winkler, OD