Shopify integration notes

This page shows what I’ve found about connecting the use experience with the shopify purchase process. 

First, my initial finding that a subdirectory ( was a better way to implement the shopify experience than a subdomain ( It turns out this is 1) not necessary while you are a 1-product outfit as shown below, and 2) above my ability to implement. 

Second, the WordPress plugin we thought we could use on the website is no longer recommended. Shopify provides a tool for creating code to put on the website, called the Buy Button Sales Channel. It can be implemented in three modes, shown below. 

I think with these three buy button modes, we have enough flexibility to launch as soon as you are ready.

Buy Now button modes

This is the full product display mode. We can implement this on any page.

This is a short display (left) and the button only (right).

Customizations available:

  • Show Quantity in button or not
  • Button click goes to Direct Checkout, Add to Cart, or Product Details. 
  • Various alignment, size, typography, and button content options