QuickSee Pilot Program

Thank you for your interest in a QuickSee pilot trial. We're confident that with QuickSee in your hands for 10 business days, you will see how fast, accurate handheld autorefraction can accelerate your vision care. Please complete the form below to reserve your QuickSee pilot device.

How the Pilot Program works

In the Pilot Program you will get a QuickSee demo device (fully functional) to try in your practice for 10 business days. Since QuickSee is very different from any autorefractor you’ve used before, you must agree to a short training session. This will help you get the most out of your trial.

There is a fee of $150 for the trial to help cover the costs of round trip shipping and disinfecting the unit upon return. If you choose to buy QuickSee, the $150 fee will be refunded.