Optometrist carrying QuickSee out of office

Accurate autorefraction for mobile eye care

QuickSee was designed to help you perform clinical-quality mobile eye care for anyone in the world, regardless of their access to vision care clinics.

Because QuickSee is the world’s most accurate handheld autorefractor, it is perfectly suited to deliver high quality care to patients anywhere. QuickSee can replace your retinoscope, desktop autorefractor, or pediatric vision screener.

QuickSee benefits in mobile care

✓ Clinical-quality binocular measurements in 10 seconds

✓ Can be used indoors and outdoors

✓ Not sensitive to ambient light

✓ Durable and calibration free

✓ Operates in humid and dusty environments

✓ Includes a hardened carrying case

QuickSee applications

✓ NGO/mission-driven vision programs in developing countries

✓ Community health initiatives

✓ Flexible clinical / optometric shop practice

✓ Private home visits

✓ Nursing and retirement home visits

✓ School and workplace vision outreach

Case studies

QuickSee in mobile eye care and global health initiatives

A clinical-quality autorefractor, QuickSee was inspired by the need to deliver excellent vision care anywhere, under any condition. These case studies show how vision care professionals and their trained specialists are improving vision care in communities around the world with highly accurate examinations and responsive fulfillment of prescription eyeglasses.

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TwoBillionEyes specialist performing autorefraction on a truck driver

Scaling a solution to the global burden of uncorrected refractive error

Sustainable vision care for emerging nations
Dr Wentz performing autorefraction in his community service mission Highflyer Optics

20/20 vision for eyes—and lives

Community center-based vision care
Close-up portrait of happy senior woman

Delivering personalized care with high quality and confidence​

Mobile vision care service

Enabling self-determination with vision and compassion

Aid missions for community health

Can QuickSee help you perform excellent vision care anywhere?

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