We’ve created the QuickSee: an innovative, handheld autorefractor that provides highly accurate measurements at the push of a button.

Making eye care accessible for the billion people who need it most.


The QuickSee is an inexpensive, handheld device that provides accurate refractive measurements at the push of a button.

How it works

The QuickSee is based on wavefront aberrometry—an extremely accurate technique that is currently used to guide LASIK surgery.
Unlike conventional autorefractors, which measure only the lower order aberrations of the eye, the QuickSee measures the full aberration fingerprint of the eye, enabling an accurate prescription to be calculated.
The QuickSee exploits several technologies we invented and patented to enable an ocular accurate wavefront to be captured in a simple, low-cost, easy-to-use device.



award1Hand-held: The QuickSee is built to be a practical device for optometry in rural and low-resource settings. It is smaller than a laptop, rugged, and battery-powered.