We’ve created the QuickSee: an innovative, handheld autorefractor that provides highly accurate measurements at the push of a button.

Making eye care accessible for the billion people who need it most.


At PlenOptika, we are motivated by the conviction that everyone should have access to eye care. We are building innovative tools to provide eye care for all.

The problem

Over a billion people worldwide suffer from poor vision because they don’t have the eyeglasses they need.

One out of every five people worldwide lack the eyeglasses they need. They suffer from reduced productivity, lack of access to education, and have a poor overall quality of life.
The problem is worst in low-resource settings like India and China. In many of these settings, eyeglasses are affordable and can be bought for <$4.

But there are not enough eye care professionals to prescribe eyeglasses.



PlenOptika will change this with the QuickSee

The solution

We have created the QuickSee to increase the throughput of optometrists, allowing them to prescribe more eyeglasses and make more money.

Additionally, because it’s so easy to use, the QuickSee empowers opticians, nurses, and teachers to increase awareness and improve access to vision correction.


We are PlenOptika and our mission is to enable eye care for all.

Want to learn more?

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