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One in three people worldwide suffer from poor vision—endangering their education, reducing their productivity, and compromising their quality of life. For over 1 billion people, prescription eyeglasses would have a transformative effect on their lives. This is what PlenOptika set out to solve in 2011.


The problem isn’t that eyeglasses are out of reach. Even in low-resource communities, eyeglasses are typically affordable. Rather, there’s often a lack of eye care professionals and appropriate equipment to determine eyeglass prescriptions.

QuickSee presents a revolutionary solution: Fast, affordable, accurate prescriptions requiring minimal training and resources. With QuickSee, eyecare professionals, nurses, teachers, and other healthcare specialists can help patients from India to Indiana to see better.

“A significant bottleneck in giving corrective glasses to the over a billion people who need them, is the inability to provide an accurate prescription. There just aren’t enough skilled people available to do this nor the right technology that is accurate, easy to learn, affordable and portable. This indeed is the urgent innovation need of the day to help people see better.”Thulasiraj Ravilla, Aravind Eye Care System

QuickSee in the field


Measurements comparable to the gold standard.

Easy to use 

Intuitive design requires minimal training. Measurements are made in 10-60 seconds.


Costs about ⅓ as much as the legacy technology.


Smaller than a laptop, QuickSee is rugged, calibration-free, and battery powered. It works in most lighting conditions—indoors or out.

Our global development partners

QuickSee was developed in collaboration with research and healthcare teams around the world. The special considerations for medical devices in low-resource settings are integral to its design.

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